Experience winter with your BMW and explore the snowscape of our region – curve by curve. Whatever you expect from winter, with optimal preparation it will succeed particularly well. Attractive service offers, for example the winter check or the engine oil service, are waiting for you and your BMW. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive accessory range to award your BMW the individual finish – for instance with the Original BMW winter complete wheels. Furthermore the BMW Lifestyle collection ensures more pleasure, even apart of the road. Explore now our attractive seasonal offers.


Snow, ice and mud – due to winterly weather conditions, it is enormously important that driver and vehicle are perfectly prepared. Thus BMW offers you professional service and a bundle of service-packages for the cold season. Let inspect your vehicle detailed for the winter – the BMW winter check enables this. Care for a long lifetime of your engine, with BMW engine oil service. Additionally, best engine performance needs maximum power during braking. Therefore we offer you the best service, also in brake pads replacement. For carefree driving pleasure, even in frost and coldness.

  • BMW Winter Check

    Winter poses special challenges for your vehicle. With the BMW winter check you can stay relaxed: All aggregates and functions of your BMW are thoroughly tested. This way, you are all set!
    Our tip: Book your appointment in good time – ideally in combination with your wheel change.

    BMW winter check includes:
    - Fluid level checks (motor oil, coolant, windscreenwasher, power steering, brake fluid)
    - Inspection of wheel suspension, shock absorbers and steering components
    - Visual inspection of brakes, drive belt and shock absorbers
    - Inspection of wipers and washer system
    - Inspection of all lights
    - Wheels/tyres (condition, tread depth and pressure)

  • BMW Brake Pads Replacement, front

    The brake pads replacement, front includes:
    - Replacement of front brake pads
    - Replacement of the front brake pad sensors
    - Brake cleaning
    - Resetting the service display according to factory regulations
    - Work time and materials

  • BMW Engine Oil Service

    The BMW engine oil service includes:
    - Exchange of engine oil with Original BMW engine oil including disposal of old oil
    - Replacing the oil filter
    - Re-setting the service display according to factory specification
    - Work time and material


Poor visibility is a concomitant of the cold time of the year. Therefore flawless lighting is a crucial factor of safety in road traffic, especially during the winter months. Additionally, you increase the visibility with our xenon- and halogen bulbs. Whether the perfect illumination of the road or the car cabin – BMW illuminates the darkest hours.

  • BMW LED Fog Light with Turning Light

    See more when visibility is poor: The LED fog light reduces glare in fog and during poor weather conditions. It provides better side illumination than halogen headlights and increases safety and comfort. Due to more light when turning, manoeuvring, parking and driving on extremely winding roads, this significantly improves safety after dark and while driving under poor light conditions.

  • BMW Interior LED Lighting Package

    The BMW LED interior lighting package for use with interior lights impresses with its extremely low energy consumption and superbly long service life. The daylight white light colour creates a modern setting and pleasant brightness. The LED can be inserted directly into the interior light’s existing holder (reading light, interior light or footwell light).

    The set of 10 comprises 6 LED modules for roof lights and 4 LED modules for footwell and door lights.

  • BMW D1S Blue Xenon Light Bulbs

    The BMW blue xenon bulbs (highbeam and low-beam light) impress with their ultra-modern and intense blue effect.

  • BMW Power Halogen Bulbs (H7)

    The BMW power H7 halogen bulbs (high-beam and low-beam light) enable the best possible illumination of the road and improve safety on the road, for more relaxed driving and less visual strain in unfavourable light conditions.


Equipment, like skis and snowboards, is an important companion during winter. To stow everything easily, we offer you special luggage and transport solutions. They create space where you need it – whether on the roof or within the vehicle. It does not matter which product you choose, all of them have one common: They are perfectly adapted to your BMW, have the best fitting solution for every situation and provide maximum safety. Of course in familiar best BMW quality.

  • Roofbox 520

    The BMW roof box with 520 l volume. Thanks to a two-sidedopening system with triple central locking on both sides, it allows easy loading. Suitable for all BMW roof carrier systems and transports up to 8 pairs of skis of up to 220 cm in length.

  • Ski and Snowboard Holder

    The innovative BMW ski and snowboard carrier is compatible with all original BMW base carrier systems. It has a simple installation and operation and prevents theft through its locking system. Suitable for transporting up to 6 pairs of skis, 4 pairs of skis with poles or up to 2 snowboards plus 1 pair of skis.

  • Roof Carrier

    The roof carrier can be combined with the diverse BMW transport solutions. The cross-members are made of highly rigid profiled aluminium tubing. It can be attached extremely easily and complies with the highest standards in quality and safety thanks to its sturdy construction.


No other accessory product affects driveability and security like the choice of wheel-tyre-combination. Optimal grip, maximum safety and secure braking distances are especially in winter the most important requirements for unrestricted driving pleasure. Our winter complete wheels are perfectly adapted to your BMW and offer significant benefits over summer wheels from temperatures lower than 7 °C - so as to ensure you can enjoy every bend even on ice and snow. Explore now, easily via mouse click which Original BMW winter complete wheels fit best to your BMW.

  • Starspoke 379

    17“ winter complete wheel with Continental WinterContact TS830P* RSC in the dimension 225/45 R17 91H. For BMW 1 Series and 2 Series (F2x).

    Fuel efficiency: F
    Wet grip: E
    External rolling noise: 72 dB

  • V-Spoke 658

    18" winter complete wheel with Continental WinterContact TS830P* RSC in the dimension 225/50 R18 99V XL. For BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (F34).

    Fuel efficiency: F
    Wet grip: E
    External rolling noise: 72 dB

  • M Doublespoke Performance 405M black

    18" winter complete wheel with Pirelli W240 Sottozero S2* RSC in the dimension 225/45 R18 95V XL. For BMW 3 Series (F30/F31) and BMW 4 Series (F32/F33/F36).

    Fuel efficiency: E
    Wet grip: C
    External rolling noise: 72 dB

  • M Doublespoke 623M ferricgrey

    19" winter complete wheel with Pirelli Scorpion Winter* RSC in the dimension 255/50 R19 107V XL front and 255/50 R19 107V XL rear. For BMW X6 (F16).

    Fuel efficiency: C/C
    Wet grip: B/B
    External rolling noise: 73/73 dB

  • M Doublespoke 648M

    20" winter complete wheel with Pirelli W240 Sottozero S2* RSC in the dimension 245/40 R20 99V XL front and 275/35 R20 102V XL rear. For BMW 7 Series (G11/G12).

    Fuel efficiency: C/C
    Wet grip: E/C
    External rolling noise: 72/73 dB


To make your wintry journey more comfortably, we offer you a wide range interior accessory products. Whether on the way to a weekend trip or to your winter holidays: BMW navigation brings you safely to your destination in all weathers. And with the right equipment, boredom is a foreign word for co-driver and back-seat passengers. So time flies also during the longest journey.

  • Update Digital Roadmap

    A navigation system is only as good as the currency of its maps. There can be up to 15% road changes, that are approx. 250.000 changes and updates, changes in Europe each year. Problem-free navigation to the destination and the insertion of traffic jam warnings can be ensured only if the map material is up to date. So BMW provides, depending on the navigation system, regular updates.

    Please don't hesitate to contact your local BMW service partner directly for a tailored offer.

  • BMW Integrated Navigation

    The new BMW Integrated Navigation for retrofitting is a perfect solution for cars without a navigation system. The mount with the navigation unit cannot be seen from outside as it is installed in the glove compartment, thus offering a high level of security. The maps can be updated regularly by the customer online using a USB connection.

  • Snap-In-Adapter Connect Universal

    The Snap-in adapter Connect Universal is suitable for all Apple iPhone™ devices with Lightning connector and has an integrated fan that ensures that the temperature-sensitive area of the smartphone is not overheated by circulating air around it. It offers an especially fast, optimised charging function, connects the telephone to the car's external aerial for the best possible network reception and the rubberised surfaceof the cradle also ensures secure and stable storage of the mobile phone in the car.

  • BMW USB Adapter Apple iPhone™/iPod™

    The BMW USB Adapter Apple iPhone™/iPod™ (Lightning) allows the device to be charged and the music tracks stored on the device to be played, as well as allowing operation using the iDrive Controller, multi-functional steering wheel or radio. Depending on the car model, equipment and year of build, the on-board display may also be used to show cover art or even play videos.


Sometimes winter puts human and vehicle to an acid test. But BMW has appropriate solutions for these problems, too. Our helpers provide best preparation for every situation. Find full details and inspirations here, starting with snow chains over auxiliary heating through to the winter care kit.

  • Auxiliary Heating

    The auxiliary heater allows to heat up the passenger compartment to a pleasant temperature without having to start the engine. So there are no icy or fogged windscreens at the start of the journey. Thanks to the remote control the auxiliary heater can be started conveniently from home.

    Don't miss your € 500,00 price advantage when buying an auxiliary heater including installation.
    Valid until 28.02.2017, at all participating BMW Partners.

    Please don't hesitate to contact your local BMW service partner directly for a tailored offer.

  • Disc Snow Chains

    The BMW Disc snow chain has integrated plastic wheel rim protection, which prevents the chain parts striking the wheel rim and avoids in this way damage to alloy wheels. Thanks to the spring steel ring fitted to the tread mesh that allows the chain to be pulled over the tyre easily.

  • Care Kit, Winter Edition

    The white bag with a grey tarpaulin bottom suits perfectly to the the design of the BMW care products. Suitable for the winter, the following products are included in the set: 1x windscreen washer with antifreeze (1000 ml), 1x window-glass-de-icer (500 ml), 1x Iinterior cleaner (250 ml), ice scraper small.

  • Fitted Luggage Compartment Mat with Metal Inserts

    The durable, anti-slip, water-resistant mat protects the luggage compartment from dirt and moisture. The inlays made from high-quality stainless steel with an embossed BMW logo is a real eye-catcher, giving the luggage compartment floor mat a truly elegant appearance. Its coating makes the mat resistant to oil and solvents.

  • Floormats Allweather with Metal Inserts

    The Original BMW all weather floor mats combine sturdy functionality with an especially high-quality design. The high-quality BMW stainless steel inlay gives the floor mat its unmistakeable, dynamic look, while the especially raised edge and thick material ensures that the mats always contain any dirt and moisture.


Confident style and highest quality – BMW Lifestyle offers for each age their own. Let yourself be inspired by our collection and find the one or other christmas gift for you or your beloved ones. BMW Lifestyle – Premium products, which stands for themselves.

  • BMW M Wallet with Coin Pocket

    Leather wallet with coin compartment, eleven credit card slots and two notes compartments. BMW M stripes design, embossed M logo on the inside. Individual compartments with red fabric lining. Outer material: leather. Lining: viscose. Dimensions: 12 x 9.4 x 1.5 cm. Black.

  • BMW Iconic Ladies’ Wallet, rectangular

    Handmade calfskin leather wallet with a double seam of waxed thread. Four inner compartments, one coin section, one exterior compartment and ten credit card slots. Jacquard lining. Made in Italy. Material: leather, polyester. Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 2 cm. Black.

  • BMW M USB Stick

    Slide-out USB stick with embossed pattern echoing the BMW M4 air intake grille. Sliding mechanism reveals coloured BMW M stripes when the stick is in use. Material: metal. Black, 32 GB.

  • BMW M4 Coupé RC

    This remote-controlled miniature BMW M4 Coupé has functional headlights, taillights and interior lighting and an omnidirectional steering function. Battery powered. Original paint Austin Yellow. 1:14 scale.

  • BMW M powerbank

    External USB battery charger. Charging capacity and connections for two devices. Surface texture echoing the BMW M4 air inlet grille, laser-engraved BMW M logo on the side. Material: metal. Black.