The BMW X3.

BMW X3 20 xDrive[1]: Fuel consumption, combined WLTP in l/100 km: 7.6–6.9; CO2 emissions, combined WLTP in g/km: 173–156

[1] Provisional figures; any missing figures were unavailable at the time of publication.

Variants and technical data.

      BMW X3 20 xDrive
      BMW X3 20 xDrive


      200 kW (272 hp)


      450 Nm

      0-100 km/h[1]

      7.8 s


      215 km/h

      BMW X3 20 xDrive[1]: Fuel consumption, combined WLTP in l/100 km: 7.6–6.9; CO2 emissions, combined WLTP in g/km: 173–156

      [1] Provisional figures; any missing figures were unavailable at the time of publication.
      [2] Composed of combustion engine drive (specified nominal value) and electric drive (up to specified nominal value).

      BMW X3 SUV Form language

      Built to explore the world.

      The BMW X3 combines comfort, everyday flexibility, and unique, characteristically X driving dynamics. Innovative in-car connectivity and driver assistance technologies take functionality, safety and entertainment to a new level in the BMW X3. Its design sets standards with highlight features such as the reinterpreted BMW kidney Iconic Glow. And with an impressive luggage compartment capacity, the BMW X3 has space for whatever you want to take with you. Discover all the model variants, equipment options and technical data, or configure the BMW X3 according to your individual requirements.

      Versatile for everything that life has in store for you.

      BMW X3 SUV Min luggage compartment capacity icon

      570 litres minimum luggage compartment capacity

      BMW X3 SUV Max luggage compartment capacity icon

      1700 litres maximum luggage compartment capacity

      BMW X3 SUV Trailer load icon

      2400 kg trailer load

      Your new BMW X3.

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        Impressive from every angle.

        Externally, the BMW X3 exudes size and presence. Expansive surfaces and crisp contours combine to form its monolithic SUV proportions – from its imposing front end, long side view with impressive wheelbase, to its wide rear. Highlight features include the completely reinterpreted design of the BMW kidney with contour line lighting, and the new double light signature of the front headlights.

        The perfect ambience for every journey.

        The interior of the BMW X3 exudes a contemporary, comfortable ambience. This is assured by premium materials and minimalist overall design. The vehicle cockpit includes state-of-the-art technology and the ultimate in operating convenience, thanks to a 14.9" BMW Curved Display, dynamic lighting composition, BMW Smart bar, and Light bars. With its sustainable recycled polyester cloth trim, the BMW X3 combines the warmth and comfort of textiles to create a totally new aesthetic.

        Amazing feeling of space.

        The amazing feeling of space in the BMW X3 also extends to the rear. Up to three passengers can enjoy superlative comfort here, thanks to the extended legroom and premium materials.

        Digital. State of the art.

        The BMW X3 is setting new benchmarks with state-of-the-art digital features. Use the BMW Digital Key Plus to open and lock your BMW contactlessly with your smartphone as soon as you are within range. As you drive, you can conveniently control key functions with the new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant using intelligent voice control. And during breaks from driving, enjoy exciting entertainment or gaming on the 14.9" BMW Curved Display courtesy of the optional BMW Digital Premium package. Just one single app provides access to a host of streaming providers.

        BMW X3 SUV BMW Digital Premium video streaming

        Great entertainment during breaks.

        Watch films and TV shows on the control display of your BMW. Waiting times fly by and you get the best entertainment with high-resolution, fully integrated video streaming.

        The new generation of in-car entertainment.

        Limitless connectivity. Intelligent safety.

        More than just a key.

        With BMW Digital Key Plus, you can use compatible mobile devices as vehicle keys. And share these digitally with up to five people. As you approach your BMW, it unlocks automatically, accompanied by lighting effects.

        Your attentive assistant.

        The Driving Assistant Professional actively keeps you in lane at up to 210 km/h and at a safe distance. If need be, your BMW will brake to a standstill and automatically drive off again. A real help especially in stop-and-go traffic.

        Your BMW parks itself.

        Park without sitting in your vehicle. Parking Assistant Professional automatically parks and drives your BMW out of parking spaces. First perform the manoeuvre covering up to 200 m and then save it.

        Arrive at your destination easily and with clear instructions.

        Augmented View lets you see exactly where you're going. It transfers your actual surroundings onto the control display and adds information to help with navigation. Arrows on the live video clearly show you where the next turning is.

        Driving dynamics for explorers.

        From 0 to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds.[1] But the pleasure of driving the BMW X3 20 xDrive doesn't end there. Thanks to powerful acceleration and plentiful reserves, once one destination is reached, the next one is always waiting to be discovered.

        BMW X3 SUV Finance and Leasing

        Your new BMW X3.

        Enrich your individual lease or loan product with attractive services and insurance in one package.

        All in. Simply smart. BMW Financial Services

        Proactive Care in the BMW X3.

        Service – precisely when you need it.

        Always one step ahead. Whether a service is due or the tyres are worn: we contact you in good time. You can arrange an appointment directly via the message in your My BMW app. And then relax as you continue your journey.

        Frequently asked questions on the BMW X3.

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        Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

        BMW X3 20 xDrive[1]: Fuel consumption, combined WLTP in l/100 km: 7.6–6.9; CO2 emissions, combined WLTP in g/km: 173–156 

        [1] Provisional figures; any missing figures were unavailable at the time of publication.

        Performance data of petrol engines apply to vehicles using RON 98 fuel. Fuel consumption data apply to vehicles using reference fuels in accordance with EU Regulation 715/2007. Unleaded RON 91 and higher with a maximum ethanol content of 10% (E10) may also be used. BMW recommends RON 95 fuel. For high-performance automobiles, BMW recommends RON 98 fuel.

        Official data for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, power consumption and electric range was determined in accordance with the prescribed measuring procedure and corresponds to European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the applicable version. For ranges, data determined as per WLTP takes into account any optional equipment (available on the German market in this case). For vehicles that have been newly type approved since 1 January 2021, only the official data according to WLTP exists. In addition, NEDC values are deleted from the certificates of conformity as of 1 January 2023 by EC regulation 2022/195. For more information about NEDC and WLTP measuring procedures visit

        Further information about fuel consumption and official model-specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the "Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and electric power consumption for new passenger cars", available free of charge at all points of sale, at the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen, Germany, and under