BMW Active Service Reception.

Your BMW is as important for us as it is for you. Therefore, we will take time for you and your vehicle - receiving the attention you deserve. With BMW Active Service Reception we take a closer look on your car with you together. So trust the knowledge of your authorized BMW dealer and don’t just leave your car’s checkup to anybody.

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The best service your BMW can get is where it is known: at the local BMW service partner. To ensure that your vehicle is always in top condition, our competent service specialists put it through its paces. Together with you we will carry out the following checks:

  • Vehicle data inspection

    With BMW Active Service Reception handing over your car keys has never been so satisfying. The key contains the most important data about your vehicle. Your BMW Service Advisor will analyse the service-relevant data using an electronic Key Reader. This helps to avoid ambiguity or miscommunication of information, and the BMW Service Advisor has more time to focus on your individual requirements.

    The scope of services at one glance:
    • Reading the Key Reader

  • Vehicle Interior inspection

    Together with your BMW Service Advisor, you will take a look into the vehicle’s interior as well as at the most important comfort and safety features. This includes saving the driver seat position, checking if the air conditioning works properly and making sure the interior lighting is in order. As safety is a top priority your BMW Service Advisor also checks the front-seat belts, the pedals and the clutch in regards to function and condition.

    Together with you we are checking:
    • Saving of driver seat position
    • Turning off the radio
    • Front-seat belts function & condition
    • Interior, dashboard & storage compartment lighting
    • Air conditioning function (desinfection)
    • Pedals (noises)
    • Function of the clutch
    • Oil level via C8S (vehicles without dipstick)

  • Vehicle Exterior inspection

    From the inside to the outside: The BMW Service Advisor examines your vehicle’s exterior for glass, paint or body damages. The wipers are also inspected, to ensure a clear view in any situation.

    Together with you we are checking:
    • Glass damage
    • Wipers condition
    • Paint & body damage

  • Engine compartment inspection

    The engine is the heart of every BMW. Your BMW Service Advisor checks it for damages and cleanness. The engine compartment includes storage tanks for liquids such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant and many more. It is, therefore, important that it is thoroughly inspected for damages and leaks.

    Together with you we are checking:
    • Cleaness & damage
    • Fluid levels
    • Oil level by dipstick
    • Fluid leaks

  • Vehicle rear part inspection

    The rear part of the vehicle is as important as the rest. Therefore the BMW Service Advisor will take a close look on the rear seat belts’ function and condition as well as the lighting of the luggage compartment. Within BMW Active Service Reception we also ensure the existence of safety equipment that belongs to each vehicle, such as a usable and valid first aid kit and safety vests.

    Together with you we are checking:
    • Rear-seat belts function & condition
    • Luggage-compartment lighting
    • Locking wheel nut
    • First-aid kit (expiration)
    • Safety vest
    • Spare bulbs

  • Vehicle inspection on the lift (eye-level)

    Now it is time to lift up your BMW at eye-level. First of all you and your BMW Service Advisor can have a closer look and check whether any paint and body damages are present. During this phase we also devote special attention to the base of your vehicle: by checking the wheels and tires, brakes, suspension clearance and shock absorber fluid leaks.

    Together with you we are checking:
    • Paint & body damage
    • Wheels & tyre damage
    • Brakes
    • Shock absorber fluid leaks
    • Suspension clearance

  • Vehicle inspection on the lift (upper position)

    Finally BMW Active Service Reception goes one step higher. Lifting your BMW in an upper position is necessary in order to check the brakes as well as the profile depth and tyre wear. But this is not the only task of the BMW Service Advisor. He also carries out a visual inspection of the front and rear axle and the exhaust system. Lifting the car also enables your BMW Service Advisor to have a closer look for any chassis corrosion and damage.

    Together with you we are checking:
    • Brakes
    • Profile depth and tyre wear
    • Fluid leaks
    • Front & rear axle visual inspection
    • Exhaust system inspection
    • Chassis corrosion & damage
    • Gaiter condition


We have been actively pursuing the claim to do something different and especially better – not only when we build cars, but also in customer service. Therefore you can count on the following benefits when you use the BMW Active Service Reception.


Inform us when making your appointment that the BMW Active Service Reception would be of interest for you. This ensures that the BMW Service Advisor reserves enough time to discuss all your questions and requests.

  • Free of charge check

    We offer a free of charge check of the vehicle with one of our competent BMW Service Advisors.

  • You’ll be right in the thick of things

    We will take a closer look on your BMW together with you.

  • Complete transparency included

    The Service Advisor will explain everything in detail so that you get a clear overview of the necessary work to be carried out.

  • You pull the strings

    After the check of the vehicle you decide which repairs shall be carried out.

  • No unexpected costs

    If there would be some additional work necessary we will contact you to agree on the further procedure.